Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Birthday Girl!!!

Yesterday was a great day! We spent our little girls birthday at home just mom & dad & Bella. She dug into the cake like a true champ! Just like the gift wrapping, she acted like she's been at this before....hmmmm. I made her a cake & frosted it with cool whip after we decided regular icing was way too sweet. I wrote her name on it, sprinkled the little colorful nonperils & added the #1 candle that dad bought only we never lit it. I guess we'll save that for the Birthday party festivites.

She didn't hesitate a moment to put her hands fully on the icing as soon as we set the cake down in front of her. She plungged in face first for her first bite and came up with a full face of coolwhip! It was awesome to watch. She had a blast. We were excited to taste her yummy cake until all of a sudden......AHHHHH CHOOOOOOOOOOOOO! A SNEEZE!!! Well, not ALL over the cake so we quickly snuck a little piece from the other side! DEEEEEEEE~LICHious!!!!!!

Onto a quick bath & then off to bed. Or so I hoped! I think the sugar rush kept her awake more than even she wanted to be. We tried rocking her to sleep 3 seperate times. Not like her...this baby loves her sleep! Too much birthday party belly.

Well, hopefully the pictures will speak for themselves.

We know she is prepared to WOW them at her Birthday party with her cake & unwrapping skills!

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What a cutie! I loved her Little Party. It was fun not only for her but I had as much fun!!! Let's do it again!!!! lol I Love You Boogie.